The Banjo Ukulele

WAIZ skin tightening system: unique in the world

Banjo ukuleles and Gourd ukes are four stringed musical instruments with a powerful and bright sound


The sound of banjo ukulele is given by the fish leather of which its soundboard is made of.

The model of Banjo Ukulele I’ve designed is inspired by the mountain banjo, thus a special type of banjo, and it is built in two pieces, with a neckthrough body.

Here below you can read all technical features of Banjo Ukulele, strenghts and design:

Banjo Ukuleles are composed by two pieces of spanish cedar, the same
wood of which guitar’s neck is made of. It’s a light and
stable wood and it smells intensively, so it is ideal for constructing Banjo Ukuleles by WAIZ. For this reason they have a strong structure and the soprano model weights only 485 grams!

banjo-ukulele-neck NECK:
Banjo Ukulele is made of spanish cedar body, is a unique piece with
the neck. The neck is thin and stable, and it’s shaped with
attention in order to give a comfortable shape.

banjoukulele-tonering SKIN THIGTENING SYSTEM:
Banjo ukuleles are composed by five allen screws put on the back of
the instrument, which press on the alluminum tone ring.This system allows the musician to change the tension of the
skin in order to change tone, volume and resonances: you can
change the tension of the skin whenever you want, just using
an allen key.

Waiz Banjo Ukulele is made of fish leather, a very
strong and light leather with a beautiful color
and rough surface.

Ebony or rosewood, it’s 3.5 mm
thick with an imperceptible radius, which gives
comfort to the player.

Ebony, maple or buffalo horn.
Shaped in order to make every string

Buffalo horn, each slot is accurately shaped and lubrificated, so each string perfectly maintains the tuning;

banjoukulele-tuning-pegs TUNING PEGS:
handmade by an italian artisan from Lecco. They are unique in the world: the reduced shaft made of brass allows you to make a precise tuning of each string. They are made of fine hard wood, such as ebony, cocobolo, rosewood and box wood.

true oil, it maintains the natural color of the wood and protects it with a light film.
Aquila New Nylgut strings: they have an incredible volume and they last more than one year!
for some instruments I use a natural dye, which turns so black the color of the body so that the aspect of your BanjoUkulele totally changes.


soprano-banjo-ukulele tenor-banjo-ukulele bluesmans-banjo-ukulele


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